24 Assets

Create a digital, scalable, valuable and fun business that will thrive in a fast changing world


In every industry, there are companies that take off. They effortlessly hire talented people, attract loyal customers, create cool products and make lots of money. These companies seem to stand out and scale up quickly with support from investors, partners and the media.

Sadly, most companies don’t perform this way. Most entrepreneurs aren’t building anything of value. They work hard, make sacrifices, struggle, dream, plan and strive, but in the end, it doesn’t pay off.

This book sets out a method for building a business that becomes a valuable asset. It focuses you on transforming your organisation into something scalable, digital, fun and capable of making an impact.

It’s time to, stand out, scale up and build a business that has a life of its own.

“24 Assets offers a fresh look at how to advance your business in the digital age. If you want a business that scales and achieves value, you’ll need to develop the business assets prescribed in this book.”
Dale Murray CBE, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

“Now is the time to build businesses that have a huge impact. That means becoming successful and making a difference beyond philanthropy – it’s about embedding values to build value. This book shows you how to do both.”
Lord Dr Michael Hastings CBE

“A powerful system for building a business that is robust, valuable and enjoyable – an asset.”
Andrew Griffiths, Australia’s #1 Entrepreneurial Author

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Daniel Priestley is an entrepreneur and best-selling author. He started his first company at age 21 and built a multi-million-dollar enterprise by age 25. He has since gone on to grow businesses in the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia, as well as be an advisor and stakeholder in a portfolio of ventures. In 2010 Daniel co-founded a business accelerator, which has helped thousands of companies to stand out and scale up. He's helped to raise millions of dollars of investment funding for ventures and hundreds of thousands for charities.

Daniel is also the author of:
Key Person of Influence - the five-step method to become one of the most highly valued and highly paid people in your industry
Entrepreneur Revolution - how to develop your entrepreneurial mindset and start a business that works
Oversubscribed - how to get people lining up to do business with you
And co-author of:
What's Your Business Worth? The entrepreneur and advisor's guide to discovering, monitoring and optimizing business valuation

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Edition 1stFormat Hard CopyISBN 9781781332481
Imprint Dent BooksPlace of publication Great Yarmouth