Accounts Demystified

The Astonishingly Simple Guide To Accounting


Accounting is not as technical and complex as you may think and is actually based on very simple principles that anyone can understand. Once you know and understand these principles, you will be amazed at how easy it is.

With over 100,000 copies sold worldwide, and now fully updated, this bestselling book is for anyone including students, investors and company owners. In this simple, easy -to-absorb book, Anthony Rice guides you, step by step, through all the key accounting principles and concepts.

Quickly understand and master:

· profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow statements and how they are connected;
· how to set about keeping your own accounts;
· how to analyse a company’s financial position and performance;
· the accounts of stock-exchange listed companies.

Additional free content, tools and support are available at http://www.accountsdemystified.com

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In print since 1983 and is now in its seventh edition, Accounts Demystified is probably the only accounting book ever that was not written by a qualified accountant. It has sold over 100,000 copies and is currently the best-selling financial accounting book on Amazon UK. The book came about because the author used to find accounting difficult, despite having completed an MBA successfully and worked in a strategy consulting firm where financial analysis was a core requirement of the job, but then suddenly realised how to think about it, how simple it really is and how easy to explain it is. It has been translated into (at least) ten other languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, French, and Polish.

'Trust me - no other book makes the subject as simple and clear. ' Jamie Reeve, Chairman, The Great Little Trading Company

'It's like a fog has been lifted... I suddenly get it and I'm only at page ten.' Paul Sanett, Development Director, Europe and Africa, Hilton Worldwide

‘This is a great book – it does what it says on the can!’ John Bates, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, London Business School

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Edition 7Format Hard CopyISBN 9781292084848
Imprint Pearson BusinessPlace of publication UK