Be A People Leader

A Sustainable Framework for Achieving your Full Potential


Too many leadership books are based on theory from consultants and academics rather than those who are on the ground doing the job day in, day out. It’s time a multi-award winning HR leader talked to peers (and aspiring peers) in an experiential, practical and knowledgeable way; minimising theory and instead bringing in humour, originality, anecdotal information and business acumen to help them achieve their leadership potential.

Be A People Leader, from HR stalwart Eugenio Pirri, sets out the framework for achieving sustainable people leadership in eight short, yet powerful, chapters. His words of wisdom will guide you on a journey towards being an authentic and effective people leader; attracting high calibre talent and delivering business success along the way.

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Additional Information

Edition First EditionFormat Hard CopyISBN 978-0-9934271-2-1
Place of publication United Kingdom