Before I Was CEO

Life Stories and Lessons from Leaders Before They Reached the Top


In Before I was CEO: Life Stories and Lessons from Leaders Before they Reached the Top, author Peter Vanham shares a collection of personal stories from a remarkable group of the most accomplished men and women in business today.

Focusing on their beginnings to show ‘how you become a CEO’, the reader will discover why these leaders chose the career paths they did, and how they dealt with their “watershed moments” along the way.
As a business journalist, the younger Peter Vanham looked to the answers from the elite leaders he asked to validate his own career choice, and the rich, private wisdom he received revealed more about building a career than he’d found anywhere else.

For anyone who lies awake at night wondering if they’re heading up or down the corporate ladder, Before I was CEO proves everyone can put themselves in the C-suite by taking a variety of different paths.

Including ‘lessons learned’ for Millennials who aspire to lead tomorrow, the book shows that you don’t need a royal pedigree or Ivy League education to reach the top as long as you value family, leave home, and make informed decisions based on your dreams; take the first thirty-five years of your life to discover what you’re interested in and don’t rush to be a CEO; and strategically deal with failure, remember the lessons you learned, and adapt to situations you can’t change.

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Format Hard CopyISBN 9781119278085
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