Brilliant Coaching 3rd Edition



Everyone has the potential to be a brilliant coach. Great coaching increases engagement, learning and performance, so it’s a must-have skill that enables you to get the best from your people and teams. Brilliant Coaching shows you how to unlock your natural and innate coaching ability, to reap fast and visible results.

With simple methods developed and proven in business, you’ll find what it takes to be a leader or manager who can coach, and use powerful coaching principles in everyday scenarios.

• Feel confident in your ability to be a great coach
• Put core coaching skills into action
• Increase performance in your workplace

‘Extremely effective tips on coaching principles backed up by true-to-life examples and exercises throughout. A “brilliant” tool for success.’
Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

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A book written within business, for business:
The book was written with the sole intention of providing a simple, plain speaking guide to enable junior and middle managers to manage less and coach more. Many of the principles evolved and emerged from Starr Consulting’s training and development work in a broad range of organisations. For example, we to train managers how to adopt coaching principles and behaviours from the very moment they leave the classroom. Historic examples of organisations and sectors the book has been influenced by include:

Woolworths (Retail)
Selfridges (Retail)
Zara (Retail)
Friends Provident (Financial Services)
DHL Logistics (IT Environment)
McCain Foods (Manufacturing)
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer (Law Firm)

Many tools within the book were borne from business necessity:
Some tools in the book were directly demanded by the above work, for example, where we found managers didn’t have time (or inclination!) to spend time in a fuller offline coaching conversations, Starr developed a very powerful tool known as ‘response coaching. Literally this is coaching as a live response to manager/subordinate exchanges in the live environment. For example, in Selfridges, much of the coaching have to happen in the store environment, sometimes with a customer present; so coaching exchanges have to be in the moment.

Video: See Selfridges talking about this work here:
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Please note this video is at least 7-8 years old now and we are still delivering coaching programmes, supported by Brilliant Coaching in Selfridges.

Video: McCain Foods talk about coaching work in the manufacturing environment
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This video is around 5 years old, we worked with McCain for around 3 years (all managers received a copy of the book). McCain now use the Starr materials (including Brilliant Coaching) under licence.

Another example of models created for managers is the ‘values and belief of a directive manager ‘vs’ a coaching manager’. Where we found that whilst the skills and behaviours can be taught, it was managers own beliefs that stopped them form using and developing them, e.g. ‘I’m expected to know the answer.’ This simple comparison model/table creates the ‘aha’ moment for many managers early on, and therefore accelerates learning and application of behaviours.

Brilliant Coaching evolves as organisational needs do:
The book has been completely and thoroughly revised and updated through each of its editions. For example, the latest edition sees the inclusion of a new chapter on the hot topic of coaching as an enabler of engagement. Again, this chapter is informed directly by our work in organisations with junior and middle managers.

Brilliant Coaching is used to spread coaching behaviours across a broad range of sectors and territories:
We and many other coach training providers use Brilliant Coaching to enable managers to coach. One consultant in Hungary (Judit Abri) liked it so much that she bought the rights and translated it.

From Amazon reviews:

Niamh A.N. Sheills (3e)
This is such a brilliant, practical, insightful, informative book on coaching. It’s equally accessible for workplace coaches, leaders as coach and independent coaching professionals. We have been using Julies Brilliant Coaching on our ILM coaching programmes in Ireland for number of years. Candidates love it and it’s great to see the third edition with new insights and tools. Julies expertise and generosity is second to none in the field of coaching.

Clare Manning (2e)
This is a really useful, practical book which helps managers develop their coaching skills. It is well structured, particularly the 5 sections on coaching skills, and managers can easily find what they need for a quick refresher at any time. This is one of the books I recommend to my 'manager as coach' students and they have found it really helpful.

Tim Bright, One World Consulting, (2e):
In this book, Brilliant Coaching Julie applies her same insightful approach and clear language to managers who want to use the coaching style more with their teams. This is a great book, and we routinely recommend it to managers we work with. Julie spends a good deal of time on the important issue of the coaching mindset, and what coaching managers believe. She also takes us through the key skills of coaching (listening, questions, etc.) concisely and effectively.

Julie also introduces some useful models with some worked examples to help people adopt coaching as a daily style. As in her other book Julie has a warm, friendly, effective style, and combines this with a great coaching approach to produce a very useful, practical and easy to read book. Highly recommended

Brilliant Coaching Merges wisdom from a broad field of study:
The book draws upon a multiple sources of study and distils insight into simple speak. For example, the topic of how the ego impacts managers’ ability to coach emerges from many years study and research into the topic. Similarly, the fields of NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness are drawn from in a way that is low on theory and big on impact.

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