Built to Grow

How to deliver accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth


For business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs, finding ways to grow their business in a sustained, predictable and profitable way remains an ongoing challenge. Whilst many find themselves struggling against a climate of uncertainty, change and low productivity, others simply fail to turn their founding vision into something more concrete.
In this new book, leading business consultant and author Royston Guest outlines his Business Growth Transformation Framework®, offering readers a roadmap for repeatable, predictable and sustained growth. Unlike many theories available in this area, Guest’s method is based on practical strategies implemented in the real world with some of his most successful clients including large companies, mid-tier organisations, SMEs and small/home businesses. The book also includes case studies to illustrate just what can be achieved.
Addressing the productivity problem, Guest’s framework helps businesses and their leaders create high performance throughout their organisation. As a specialist in helping people realise their full potential, the author emphasises the need to equip employees, at every level, with the mindset and skillset for success and peak performance.
Built to Grow will help entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals:

• Understand the guiding principles of accelerated, sustained and profitable business growth
• Achieve greatness through purposeful design
• Follow a proven model that delivers repeatable and predictable results

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Format Hard CopyISBN 978-1-119-31809-5
Place of publication UK