Connected Leadership

How To Build A More Agile, Customer-Driven Business


The world is becoming ever more closely and rapidly connected. The internet and social media mean news and customer feedback is instantaneous and online markets are making location irrelevant.

In this more connected world, businesses need a new form of leadership that is in tune with these changes – one that is able to create more agile, collaborative organisations that can flex with the uncertainties and changing customer expectations around us.

Connected Leadership shows all businesses how they can create a more connected organisation that is better equipped to respond to the complex challenges they face today.

By adopting the five key factors of connected leadership you will be able to:

– Develop a clear sense of purpose and direction for the organisation
– Build a more open, transparent and authentic way of working
– Devolve decision making
– Encourage collaborative achievement
– Create an agile organisation

Packed with practical tips and case examples from leading companies that have successfully adopted these factors of connected leadership, this is a book that no leader should be without.

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Connected Leadership secured Business Book of the Month at WHSmith Travel stores in January 2016 and featured in the business chart for 4 consecutive months. The book is distributed in countries around the world including the UK, Singapore, US, South Africa and Australia. Reviewers have commended Connected Leadership as highly readable, accessible, well researched and practical. The author holds 25 years leadership development experience working with some of the world’s great companies and a doctorate at Manchester Business School (ranked in top 3 globally by FT). Combining quality research with a practical read, this book is essential for busy leaders looking to transform their organisation.

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Edition 1Format Hard CopyISBN 9781292104768
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