Global Teams

How the best teams achieve high performance


‘Original and practical book on a vital topic which no one has looked at in depth before; simple and clear to read with lots of real world case examples.’
Alberto Forchielli, Managing Partner, Mandarin Capital Partners

Based on original research with some of the world’s leading companies, Global Teams is the definitive, practical guide to making the sharp end of globalisation work for you and your organisation.

Working as part of a global team is a fact of life for most leaders and managers today, and making decisions, setting goals, communicating, building trust and managing the team are far harder when you are separated by time, language, culture and priorities. Global Teams will enable leaders, teams and organisation to deal with the challenges they face when working in a variety of situations:

· How can I ensure that my global team delivers results?
· How do I trade off our local goals and priorities versus the global priorities?
· How do I find out what is really going on and how it will affect me?
· Can I trust top management to support my agenda and me personally?
· How can I lead people in distant locations with varying cultures?

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Jo Owen practices what he preaches in Global Teams, as the chair of two global NGOs; he has also worked in over fifty countries and built a business in Japan.

Global Teams is based on original research with over 80 firms, from the largest to the smallest, evenly split between Asia, Europe and the Americas. It avoids the western bias of most business books.

Global Teams is unique: it is the first book to explore the plumbing of globalisation: how teams of people from around the world come together to make things happen.

Jo is the only author to be shortlisted for CMI gold three times and is published widely in the Financial Times, Fortune, BBC, CNN, Times, and many other magazines and papers.

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Imprint FT PublishingPlace of publication Harlow, UK