Go Against the Flow

Women, Entrepreneurship and Success


An innovative and ground-breaking new book brings together wisdom from several established and up and coming women business leaders in sharing their candid and introspective insights on how to become a successful entrepreneur.From getting started on concept, building technology, hiring, getting funded and scale, to finally launching a business with success, this book is a must-own for every budding entrepreneur.

The list of contributors includes Harvard MBA’s, a college dropout, several Forbes 30 title holders, million dollar startups and pioneers in technology. These women started companies from scratch, scaled their organizations to span across several continents, raised millions of dollars, faced failure but came out victorious and loved every minute of the challenge. These inspirational, gritty, audacious and passionate women, in spite of naysayers or failures, have chosen to create their own flow and act on their ideas and convictions. Their stories are inspirational for anyone wanting to start their own business.

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Additional Information

Edition 1Format Hard CopyISBN 9781910692516
Place of publication UK