How to Coach Your Team

Release Team Potential and Hit Peak Performance


The best teams buzz with energy and produce outstanding results.

But how do you create a top performing team?

The answer? Team coaching.

In your role as ‘manager as coach’, you can not only unlock the innate strengths of your people, but also help them to help each other.

This highly practical book gives you the clear steps and advice you need to enhance your team through coaching.  Based on cutting edge research, but presented in a quick-to-action framework, How to Coach Your Team is your roadmap to managing happy and productive people.

“Read this book and bring out the best in your team – it’s full of practical tips, examples and activities.”
– Angela Xu, Executive Vice President, Employee Development, Hult International Business School

“This book is a lifesaver to everyone out there who wants to run high performing teams. A must read.”
– Nick Fox, Executive Director, BMI Healthcare

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Additional Information

The authors:
- Pam Jones, Director of Performance Through People Program and Advanced Management Program Ashridge/Hult. Pam has over 20years experience of working with managers and their teams and has worked internationally across a range of business sectors
- Viki Holton, Senior Research Fellow Ashridge/Hult – involved in various projects including the HR Magazine “Most Influential Annual Survey,” Leadership research/teams/women’s leadership/ Ashridge management Index
- Angela Jowitt, Executive Coach/Research – Experiential Learning Director at Ashridge/ Hult and Director and Founder of Dolphin Team Development

The original idea for How To Coach Your Team came from a concern that with the growth of team coaching very little practical help and advice was available for managers who wanted to develop and coach their teams.

There is also a shortage of literature offering a resource and practical tool kit for professional team coaches to use when they are working with teams to develop their performance.

How to Coach Your Team is:

- Aimed at everyone involved in teams
- A book that can act as your personal coach – whether you are a team leader or a team member
- This book provides practical learning tools to build high performing teams
- A great resource for executive coaches and developers

Top Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars So many useful tips!
By Anonymous on 19 May 2017
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Great read, useful for any manager who is new to role or has had limited management training. I wasn't sure about coaching at first, because I always thought it was a bit fluffy, but it’s not like that. It is more about how you can get your team in shape to get on with their job and freeing up your time. It helped me to really focus on stuff in detail, so we had really clear direction and goals. Useful tips on how to deal with performance conversations too, which I always found challenging. The tips on getting everyone in the team engaged has been of real use to me. It is one of those books you can keep dipping in to when you face something unexpected.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great book
By Amazon Customer on 23 May 2017
Format: Paperback
This book was really informative, it was packed full of useful information and it was really easy to apply the tools. I found the team charter exercise particularly useful, as did the team in order to establish our expectations of each other and our respective roles. As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to trust your team to get on with the job so you can focus on the business, and team coaching has helped me to achieve exactly that.

EF World: Hult International Business School
When a team is working well, it is an exciting place to be. This practical, hands-on book provides tools and techniques to help managers build energy and motivation in their teams and deliver game-changing performance

Additional info:

1. How to coach your team was grounded in primary data research with 20 managers, from different business sectors and global locations, all of whom were working with teams and developing their approach to coaching their team.

2. The book is used as the main reference on the Performance through People Program and material from the book is taught on a wide range of Ashridge programs including The Management Development Program and The Advanced Management Program.

3. Various blogs have been published
<a href="http://www.sales-initiative.com/toolbox/leadership/how-to-get-your-sales-team-to-create-game-changing-results/" rel="nofollow">http://www.sales-initiative.com/toolbox/leadership/how-to-get-your-sales-team-to-create-game-changing-results/</a>

<a href="http://www.bytestart.co.uk/tackle-common-team-challenges-develop-team-performance.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.bytestart.co.uk/tackle-common-team-challenges-develop-team-performance.html</a>

<a href="https://ashridge.org.uk/insights/blog/july-2016/leading-teams-in-an-uncertain-world/" rel="nofollow">https://ashridge.org.uk/insights/blog/july-2016/leading-teams-in-an-uncertain-world/</a>

This book is designed to take the complexity out of teams and turn them into high energy spaces to work in.

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Imprint FT PublishingPlace of publication United Kingdom