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Drawing on over 30 years of coaching and leadership skills development experience gained with organisations in the UK and internationally, Pearn Kandola have created iLEAD™ Tools, a suite of three unique books focussing on explaining and developing the essential skills of People, Task and Thought Leadership. Using a combination of our own models and the best emerging research, this toolkit will enable leaders to successfully engage in change and further their development.

This was the winner in the Management and Leadership Textbook category at the 2016 awards. Hear category judge Professor Karin Moser explain why this book won the panel’s recommendation:

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iLEAD Tools is designed around Pearn Kandola's leadership model of People, Task and Thought leadership (although all 3 books are available separately) and packed with mini-insights from the field of business psychology that make sure the highlighted tips are grounded in sound theory and empirical evidence.

iLEAD Tools is highly practical. Each of the three leadership areas are broken down into sensible components, and each is addressed via a bite size theoretical explanation, lots of self-diagnostic materials and some really practical ideas for moving from the page to "real life". Worksheets described in the individual tools are available for free download from the Pearn Kandola website.

iLEAD Tools is pragmatic. It is designed as a 'dip-in' textbook, an 'on demand' learning resource rather than an exhaustive thesis. It provides busy individuals, even those with many years’ experience in the field of management or training with a number of immediately usable development tools that take only minutes to read, digest and apply.

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