Inclusive Leadership

The Definitive Guide to Developing and Executing an Impactful Diversity and Inclusion Strategy - Locally and Globally


The most successful organisations are those with the most diverse and engaged workforces. Studies show an 80 per cent improvement in business performance among those with high diversity levels. When people feel included and able to reach their full potential, they are more engaged, more productive and often more creative.

Inclusive Leadership will help you drive culture change using organisational development principles. It takes you through the key components of leading change throughout the employee lifecycle, your supply chain, and through product development. Crucially, it will help you make a genuine impact on your business, through your people, both now and in the future.

‘A high impact, practical how-to guide to D&I, drawing on the extensive real-life experience of two master practitioners.’

‘This practical book offers insightful stories and guidance to bring to life an effective approach to driving sustainable culture change.’

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The authors have over 35 years combined experience of driving D&I change in organisations across the world. Their hands on experience means that the practices and processes shared in the book are tried and tested with proven results over many years. The book has been written by two of the most highly regarded and prominent experts in the field, both receiving numerous awards throughout their careers including being recognised by HRH Queen Elizabeth II as OBE’s (Officer of the British Empire) for their contribution to D&I in the workplace.

The book is written in an easily accessible, highly pragmatic way which engages readers from the start. The STAR Framework, on which the book is designed, shares a clear overview of the two critical factors for creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace in any sized organisation – employee engagement and embedding D&I thinking throughout the business. Many have said that they use the book on a regular basis as a reference tool and have swaths of pages highlighted for action. The book covers the theory but more importantly, mainly focuses on the pragmatic actions required to create and deliver an impactful D&I strategy. This is packed with real life case studies, personal experiences of driving change in numerous companies and the do’s and don’ts for success in this field. Each chapter finishes with ‘five takeaways’ to focus on to make this as pragmatic as possible.

In addition, the sharing is constantly evolving as the book is complimented by the website <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> which includes short videos and blogs on topics which engages and supports the development of people interested in driving this change in their company.

Examples of some of the reviews received:

A difficult subject – I had expected a hard read. However, the book is a practical, easy reading step by step guide. Statistics highlight the benefits of taking steps towards a diverse and inclusive workforce, but the challenges that we face are not ignored as Charlotte Sweeney and Fleur Bothwick relate anecdotal stories. At the end of each chapter there are key manageable take away action points. Never have I highlighted so many sections in a book! A must read for businesses, industries and leaders serious about promoting diversity through engagement, strategy and culture change. Lesley O’Brien – Founder, Freightlink Europe LLP

This is a really excellent handbook for anyone involved in diversity - whether as a main role, a sponsor, an HR team member, or simply someone interested in how diversity and inclusion can be introduced and implemented in an organisation. It's packed full of really practical ideas and examples, and is engaging, informative and accessible. Amazon Review

This is like the Haynes Manual or Delia Smith recipe for diversity and inclusion. It’s informative, sensible and very practical so perfect for newcomers but also very helpful for people who have been working in this area for some time. Nick Hart, HR Professional, Turner

I have been thoroughly enjoying this book and spent most of the Christmas period engrossed in it. It is great to finally have something for D&amp;I professionals to come back to as it can be an isolating role. My copy is now covered in highlighter and notes - a sure sign it is already being put to good use. Amazon Review

In May 2017 Inclusive Leadership was in the Top 20 purchases for the section – Human Resource Management.

The authors have had an enormous amount of feedback from people about the applicability and insightfulness of their advice – we are particularly proud of how it is being digested and used globally. For example, the authors have spoken at events in India, Ireland, UK, US and across Europe. There have also been several sightings in bookshops around the world including US, Singapore and Hong Kong. We have also been told of numerous bulk orders from companies who have wanted to distribute the book to all of their leaders / managers.

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