Inclusive Leadership

A Framework for the Global Era


This insightful management book introduces an inspirational new ethics-oriented approach to business and leadership for current and future leaders. It argues that the challenges of today’s global era require a new, more holistic and ethical leadership approach than conventional concepts suggest. A framework for the concept of “inclusive leadership” is developed by linking leadership challenges and tasks to the transforming world.Based on over thirty years professional experience in various sectors of society and in both executive and advisory roles in business, the author offers practical suggestions on how to apply inclusive leadership in day-to-day activities. The book also emphasizes how ethics and virtues should influence and shape leadership, a link that is often absent in conventional leadership literature. Building a bridge between theory and practice, this book offers both practical and academic perspectives, with the ideas and concepts illustrated with many real-life examples.

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“Peter Wuffli has been passionate about ethics and globalization long before such engagement became fashionable for corporate leaders. I warmly recommend his book, because it tells an impressive story about the importance and benefits for society of broad engagement across business, politics, and philanthropy.” (Dr. Ann-Kristin Achleitner, Professor for Entrepreneurial Finance at the Technical University of Munich)

“I closely collaborated with Peter Wuffli over many years at UBS. Based on our common experiences, I found his book fascinating and touching. I particularly enjoyed how he links practical insights gained during the turbulent history of UBS with deep reflections about broader, more general topics. This makesInclusive Leadership valuable and useful for leadership practitioners across sectors and at all levels.”(Jürg Zeltner, CEO of UBS Wealth Management)

“I work together with the elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization to fight rural poverty in Kenya and directly benefit from the bridges that this foundation builds between rich and poor countries and between private sector corporations and entrepreneurial micro-structures with a social purpose. For Peter Wuffli, inclusive leadership is truly about building bridges for important, good causes, and I hope that his book will create awareness about how we all need to collaborate to address the world's big, pressing challenges.” (Su Kahumbu, Founder of iCow and social entrepreneur in Kenya)

“It is rare – and so important – for corporate leaders with strong roots in the financial industry to reflect on ethics and virtues and to articulate their insights in a coherent and convincing way. Based on my role as a member of the Comité de Patronage of elea Foundation, I am impressed with Peter Wuffli’s genuine and passionate engagement and thus highly recommend this thought-provoking and authentic book.” (Lord Brian Griffiths of Fforestfach, Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs International)
“Inclusive Leadership combines a fascinating life experience and deep reflections on capitalism, ethics, and virtues. This book, written by a leadership practitioner, is a significant intellectual achievement that should inspire current and future leaders.” (Phil Gramm, former U.S. Senator from Texas)

“Having been inspired by Peter Wuffli’s leadership on my journey to become an entrepreneur, I found his book compelling and of high practical relevance. I sincerely recommend it to both accomplished and developing leaders with entrepreneurial ambitions.”(Doris Albisser, Entrepreneur & Founder of CLS Communication)

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Edition 1Format Hard CopyISBN 978-3-319-23560-8
Place of publication Cham, Switzerland