Inspirational Gamechangers

How the Best Business Talent Create Astonishingly Successful Companies


Contains over 30 interviews with influential business experts including Sir Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington and Jamie Oliver.

A great leader is often the driving force of a great business. They are inspirational, influential and excellent role models for anyone in business.

But how do the best minds in business become astonishingly successful?

Featuring interviews from rising entrepreneurs to established professionals, Inspirational Gamechangers answers this question and reveals the journeys of some of the greatest business innovators in the world. Look inside this book to uncover the major challenges they have faced, lift the lid on their impact on the business world and find pioneering practical advice that anyone can use.

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Inspirational Gamechangers distills learning from thirty of the world’s most successful, influential and innovative business leaders.

"Inspirational Gamechangers offers huge learning for the professional in every field of business …” Steve Thomas, Professor of Finance and Course Director, Executive MBA, Cass Business School

Review on Forbes.com:
“It’s not a bad place to start if you want to be an inspirational game-changer.” – Andrew Cave

Famed business title Forbes attracts a global audience of 37.8million unique visitors per month. The Forbes.com website is one of the top 1,000 websites in the world, according to Alexa

“Packed full of practical advice, invaluable insights and tip tips, this unique book highlights the lessons we can all learn from the icons of modern business.”
– The Business magazine, Oct 2015

“Contains business inspiration and know-how from thirty influential global entrepreneurs, offering practical learning points for start-up businesses in any field.”
– Start Your Business magazine, Sept 2015

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Edition 1Format Hard CopyISBN 9780273792819
Imprint FT PublishingPlace of publication UK