Jainism and Ethical Finance

A Timeless Business Model


The financial crisis of 2008 led to a re-evaluation of the role of financial institutions and their relationship with the wider economy and society, and an increased questioning of the principles behind business and financial activities. Yet there has been surprisingly little examination of alternatives to the failed dominant western-derived economic ideologies. From the ancient spiritual wisdom or “Dharma” of the Jains, there emerges a practical modern philosophy. Jain individuals, businesses and charities have played a powerful role in India’s re-emergence as a global economic power and within the global Indian diaspora. Internationally successful in business, the professions and science, the Jain approach is based on principles of interdependence and co-operation, emphasising long-term consolidation rather than short-term bursts of growth. For anyone interested in the ethics of finance, accounting and economics, Jainism and Ethical Finance provides an informed and illuminating case-study of Jainism. In the current climate of global financial and banking uncertainty, it offers a timely alternative perspective.

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Format Hard CopyISBN 9781138648869
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