Key Coaching Models

The 70+ Models Every Manager and Coach Needs to Know



All managers and leaders are now expected to use coaching techniques to get the most out of their people. With 72 proven, easy to use coaching models to enhance performance, job satisfaction and motivation, they will be effective for individuals, teams and organisations. Each model is explained and illustrated, as it would be in a coaching session, to give a genuine coaching perspective and context beyond the theory.

To help read and apply it quickly, each model has a figure or diagram and is broken into short, accessible sections:

• What is it?
• Where does it come from?
• When should I apply it?
• How do I apply it?
• Coaching tips

Key Coaching Models also includes links to further resources and coaching at http://www.theonlinecoach.co.uk

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“A simple, yet sophisticated, coaching toolkit that cuts through coaching theory to give practical advice to coaches, leaders and managers. In today’s complex world, coaching is a key activity essential for business and personal success – whether you are new to coaching or wish to extend your skills, this book is a gift.” Liz Jewer, HR Director, TMP UK Limited

“A powerful source of inspiration with many unique insightful practical coaching models to enhance your personal and professional development” Andrea Bertone, European President - Monster.com

"Whether you are a professional coach wanting to further develop your abilities, or a leader who needs to get the very best from his team, this is a first-rate toolkit from one of the world’s top coaches.” Philip Rowley, Chief Financial Officer, Sony Picture Entertainment

“A well structure guide packed with powerful, practical tips that really work in the real world. A great book for Leaders or Coaches alike.” Derek McManus COO O2 UK

“The most complete, impactful and practical coaching book written yet - Highly recommended!” Rob Brouwer, CEO Jobrapido

The content was created in response to the many personal, professional, business and economic situations brought to the thousands of Executive Coaching Sessions, Events & Conferences that the author has worked through since 1998.
These situations required practical, concise and easy to use frameworks and structure that would enable Leaders and Managers to make considered decisions, create effective strategies that could be implemented quickly.
Stephen had been coaching professionally for 12 years with Senior Managers & Leaders before starting this Book. Each Coaching Model covered in this book includes links and reference to other Models so that the reader can piece together how each Model can relate. There is also some helpful tips on what to look out for in each Model from an experienced Coaches perspective.
The content has received outstanding endorsements from all levels of Managers & Leaders.
Some news on the Book: (May 2017)
Reached Best Seller on Amazon in the following categories:
#1 - Econometrics
#1 - Business Quality Control
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#1 - Human Resource & Personnel Management
#1 - Quality Control
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- Also Reached:
#2 - Industries & Professions
#16 - Business & Finance
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