Lead with Confidence

A Guide for Newly Promoted Senior Managers


Have you been promoted to a senior role?
Do you sometimes feel like an impostor?
Is the excitement of your promotion tinged with doubt?

Lead with Confidence will help you discover principles that will guide you to take control, focus on key actions and stand out as a highly competent, credible and confident leader.

Once you’ve read this book, you will:
+ Create strong alliances with the people who matter

+ Build your confidence and competence on a daily basis
+ Get organised so your workflow is smooth and stress-free
+ Align your personal and professional vision so you lead authentically
+ Design a work-life rhythm that boosts, rather then depletes, your energy

This book empowers newly-appointed senior managers to quickly get to grips with their responsibilities and ensure inner turmoil is a thing of the past.

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Additional Information

Edition FirstFormat Hard CopyISBN 978-1-78133-217-7
Place of publication UK