Leading Teams

10 Challenges: 10 Solutions


Packed full of valuable advice and powerful techniques, Leading Teams has something practical to offer everyone – whatever your level. Covering 10 of the most common team challenges, this book gives you proven solutions to ensure your team delivers consistent and lasting results. Discover how to build trust, boost team morale, overcome conflict, create engagement and manage change effectively, ensuring your team reaches its full potential.

10 Challenges : 10 Solutions

Whether you’re looking to solve a particular team challenge or just want to make sure you’re taking the right approach, this book will show you how.


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Leading Teams is currently the no.12 Leadership book (out of 86,274) on Amazon UK based on reader reviews. Many of the reviews refer to its practical structure, the power of real life stories and experience (rather than theories) and its straight-talking approach. Furthermore, it's praised for how easy it is to apply the solutions within, while also paying particular attention to the power of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It's recognised as a usable tool not just for leaders but for team members too, and one which can be read all the way through or used as a "dip in, dip out" source.

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Edition 1Format Hard CopyISBN 9781292083087
Imprint FT PublishingPlace of publication UK