Management in Singularity

From linear to exponential management


There is no plan, there is only organizational adaptation to any situation.

In scientific and technological developments there is an accelerator active with a speed that has never been seen before. Innovations succeed each other in a rapid tempo; it’s not just a perception, it is reality. And these accelerators can be found in all fields of science. The innovations are driven by supercomputers (like IBM’s Dr. Watson), new technologies (like nanotechnology), 3D and 4D printing, bionics and artificial intelligence. Another driver is major cooperative programs from governments, companies, universities and research institutes.

To prepare ourselves we need a different way of thinking; linear thinking has to be changed into exponential disruptive thinking. The best way to answer the question, ‘What is your plan?’ might be to say, ‘There is no plan, there is only organizational adaptation to any situation, good or bad.’ Computer software, robots and machines, enhanced with artificial intelligence, will lead to software that can adapt and reprogram itself autonomously. Upgrades will be made automatically, without the need for human interference, leading to the point when humans will no longer understand the workings of this hardware and software. This point is called singularity of transcendence, and is predicted by 2035. Such a future will manifest itself, whether we want it or not, whether we like it or not.

Management in Singularity gives us insight in the most important trends and developments and suggestions for the first crucial steps that you and your organization need to make in preparation for what is called the new standard. With a preface from Rowan Gibson, author of The Four Lenses of Innovation, and a world leader in innovation.

‘Management in Singularity is required reading for any manager who wants to prepare himself for the future.’ – Maurice Franssen, Deloitte Consulting

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