Management in the Wonderland of Economics


This book provides an overall general framework within which the subject of Management can be considered within the context of how it is affected by the concepts and theories of Economics. The political interpretation and application of Economics affects all members of society, but especially affects the practice of management in all environments. This book provides new managers with a fundamental insight into the theory of management as a subject within this wider environment. The book is essentially innovative, and intended to help readers to gain an understanding of management in a comprehensive, logical, and analytical manner. The charts and other illustrations are designed specifically to provide management check lists, against which real-life situations can be analysed and compared.

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Managers are, like the rest of the community are profoundly influenced and affected by economics. Economics is a social science that relies almost entirely on beliefs and mathematical theories. Many of these beliefs and theories are inconsistent, contradictory, and create a wonderland in which little is consistent or predictable. These theories and beliefs apparently have no demonstrable proofs, but have models and equations derived from them which are believed to reflect reality, and provide credibility for decision making. Management is required to be practiced within this wonderland environment.

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Edition 1st edFormat Hard CopyISBN 978-0-9541764-6-4
Place of publication UK