Neuroscience for leadership

Neuroscience for Leadership

Harnessing the Brain Gain Advantage

Neuroscience for leadership

Leadership can be learned: new evidence from neuroscience clearly points to ways that leaders can significantly improve how they engage with and motivate others, allowing them and their organizations to continue discovering their potential. This book provides leaders and managers with a guide to practical, effective actions, based on neuroscience, explained in an accessible way.

It focuses on the competencies and capabilities that leaders and managers need, to think creatively, take good decisions, improve their performance and resilience, deal with complexity, incentivize, and innovate, rather than focusing on brain regions or even functional pathways within the brain. This book comes from three authors who combine knowledge and experience in applied neuroscience, psychiatry, organizational psychology, learning and leadership coaching at a world class level.

This was  the winner in the Practical Manager category at the 2016 awards. Hear category judges Quentin Kopp and Ray Davis explain why this book won the panel’s recommendation:

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