Hubris, Reputation and Organisational Crises


In the last few years repeated scandals have rocked the worlds of many industries. To the public, the wrongdoings uncovered seem just the tip of an iceberg of immorality. While it is not always obvious what has gone wrong, there is no disguising the widespread impact on many stakeholders, and the catastrophic loss of trust and sense of betrayal that results.

The organisations involved often become so disliked that they are treated by some as ‘Pariahs’, to be publicly despised and berated. But Nixon’s analysis,based on having a privileged insider seat in several of the organisations that have suffered such crises, lead him to conclude that the picture of widespread criminality, immorality and incompetence often painted in the public narrative was at odds with the day-to-day reality of life in these businesses. He goes on to discuss how we can stop organisations becoming Pariahs, and what those who govern or regulate at-risk organisations can do to lower the risks of such stigmatisation.

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