Patterns of Strategy

Patterns of Strategy

Patterns of Strategy

“Patterns of Strategy is a revolutionary approach which provides a completely new framework for understanding and developing business strategy. It shows how the dynamics of the strategic fit between organisations drive their strategic direction, and a way to develop strategy as a series of manoeuvres to improve strategic outcomes.
It is essential reading for those who wish to understand how to manoeuvre their organisation to change its strategic fit and play it to their advantage.

Patrick Hoverstadt and Lucy Loh describe strategy as an emergent process that influences and is influenced by the business ecosystem to which an organisation belongs. It is a systemic approach to strategy that focuses on the relationships between organisations, rather than just the organisation in its own right.

As well as a new language of strategy and an explanation of what drives emergent strategy, the authors offer 80 ‘patterns’ of strategy which organisations can use to understand the relationship that their business and their strategy have to the actors around it. These patterns provide a toolkit for designing different ways to collaborate, and also offer alternative types and approaches of competition. A practical and authoritative guide, this book can be used to plan and navigate your way through your strategic landscape.”

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