Positive Thinking

Find happiness and achieve your goals through the power of positive thought


“The single most effective way to improve your life is to think positively,” writes bestselling author and personal development expert Gill Hasson. “It gives you the motivation, energy and ability to succeed, it enables you to be happy and keeps you going through the toughest times.”

In her latest book, out in time for the New Year, Hasson shows readers how to develop a positive approach to help them achieve their goals.
The book argues that although money, education, talent and opportunities are useful, it’s a positive attitude that makes the biggest difference, whether people want to start a business, a new relationship, change their career, or simply feel happier each day.

Divided into three main areas covering ‘Positive Thinking and Positive Action’, ‘Developing and Maintaining Positive Thinking’ and ‘Positive Thinking for Difficult Situations’, the book also includes inspiring stories from people who have used positive thinking to achieve their goals and overcome difficulties, along with exercises that readers can try for themselves.

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Format Hard CopyISBN 9780857086839
Imprint CapstonePlace of publication UK