Scale Up Millionaire

How to sell your way to a fast growth, high value enterprise


Gordon McAlpine is a self-made, successful entrepreneur who has been there and done it. By starting up, growing and exiting a highly successful global technology company without any funding from investors or the bank, he has personally proved that the organic Scale Up of a business really is an achievable dream.

In Scale Up Millionaire, he reveals his proven 6-Step Scale Up Process, which shows you how to:

• Convert your solid product into a compelling Proposition that will be the equal of the world’s leading companies

• Channel your Passion and use ‘Founder Selling’ to inspire prospects to want to buy from you

• Focus on building a strong sales Pipeline to fuel your growth and create critical momentum

• Build and lead a world-class sales team, centred around positive, driven People who consistently smash their targets

• Use the ‘SPQ’ (Sales Performance Quarters) Model to ensure your team perform in every sales meeting, even under intense pressure

• Adopt a Precision mind-set to power up the speed of your Scale Up

Scale Up Millionaire gives you the opportunity to sell your way to a fast growth, high value enterprise, with the potential for a life-changing exit.

Gordon McAlpine is a sales guru and serial entrepreneur. After a stellar start to his sales career at Astra Zeneca, he co-founded tech start-up BigHand from his living room, and as Sales & Marketing Director was responsible for driving the global Scale Up to successful exit. In 2010, he appeared on Channel 4’s ‘The Secret Millionaire’ TV programme, visiting Govan in Glasgow to live undercover and give away tens of thousands of £s of his own money to local charities. He founded (and exited) the world’s first membership club for sales leaders, and as a Business Fellow at Strathclyde University Business School and a Tech London Advocate he is involved in inspiring and mentoring the rising stars of British entrepreneurship.

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Some Praise:

‘Gordon’s book is written from his extensive experience crafting sales strategies that result in multi-million pound revenues. So many tech companies in particular are exceptional at creating powerful products, however they let themselves and their investors down by not putting the same discipline into the sales process. Very few businesses survive long-term without an exceptional sales approach; the biggest brands in the world employ armies of sales people and spend millions on training them. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Oracle and Microsoft are all known for their exceptional sales training and development. This excellent book will help your enterprise sell more products and services.’

Daniel Priestley, best-selling business author and co-founder of Dent Global

 ‘I really enjoyed this book. It offers both practical advice on scaling up, as well as much needed inspiration! Anyone motivated to grow their business will enjoy this book and
find the proven process it outlines easy to understand and  follow. Unlike other business books, Scale Up Millionaire  offers a road map to growth which places sales at its heart.
Gordon brings his sales experience and successes alive in this book, which will really help entrepreneurs scale and grow their businesses.’

Eleanor Shaw, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Head-Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, Strathclyde Business School, THE Business School of the Year 2017

‘Of all the great business challenges, creating profitable, sustainable demand is the single biggest barrier to entrepreneurial success. In this great book, Gordon’s expertise and
engaging style combine to explain what works and, importantly, what doesn’t. A must read for any growing business owner.’

Guy Rigby, Partner, Head of Entrepreneurial Services, Smith & Williamson

 ‘Gordon has written the book I would have liked to write. This is a superb book about scaling up a business, being an entrepreneur and what it all means at the end of the day.
Most people just don’t understand the process to success – to find out how to achieve it, I would encourage anyone and everyone who is starting their business or is in business to
read this book.’

Paul Oberschneider, entrepreneur and author

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Place of publication Great Britain