Smart Green Cities

Toward a Carbon Neutral World


Smart Green Cities: is a comprehensive overview of what global cities are doing to become sustainable. Woodrow W. Clark II and Grant Cooke have produced a book that is both practical and visionary. They have examined the infrastructure needs – sustainable development, communications, energy, water, waste, and transportation to develop guidelines, processes and best practices. City leaders are key to mitigating climate change who must plan, design and implement solutions.Smart Green Cities (SGC) offers a global perspective that includes implementing the Green Industrial Revolution the title of their last book. SGC discusses innovative emerging technologies, and the new economics paradigm that move beyond the out-dated neo-classical economics. The authors present examples from around the world including Europe, the U.S, China and the Middle East, which discuss the best green technologies from renewable energy power generation to smart on-site grid development. The extraordinary shift from a rural to an urban world is described; national plans are analyzed; so that future cities will be designed, built and implemented now – not 50 years from now. The struggle for the planet’s survival is being waged by the world’s cities. Clark and Cooke argue that cities are the key to mitigating climate change and reducing toxic greenhouse gas emissions. SGC introduces sustainable technologies; discusses the economics for implementing the solutions; and offers numerous examples to serve as pathways for cities to become smart, green, and thus carbon neutral.

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Smart Green Cities highlights and documents the transformation that has and is taking place to place cities at the center of the space of 'solutions science' to meeting our energy, food, and even water demands. As urban populations grow and the target of 2 degree C warming presents even greater challenges on our urban footprint, this book provides an outstanding guide to the innovations needed to make our cities part of the solution instead of the problem.

Daniel Kammen, Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley

While reviewing the Smart Green Cities book, I found this book's content to be not only profound and eloquently written, but also extremely timely, since most of the issues addressed in 2015 by the UNECE symposia in the summer and then the UN FCCC Conference in Paris, are very much in line with subject matters discussed and reviewed in the book.

As author of numerous books in solar and alternative energy technologies, and as an engineering design consultant specializing in large scale solar and alternative energy systems, I consider Dr. Clark to be one of the most informed, and visionary applied academics who has devoted several decades on green energy economics.

The book covers some of the most significant issues that are extremely essential in resolving some of the most challenging issues that we presently face in our urban areas ranging from climate change to the solutions just as infrastructures, systems, health, food and others. Anyone who has had an opportunity to visit some of the largest cities across the globe will appreciate the importance of the book’s message.

In my professional opinion, this book is a must read by everyone who is in position of affecting change to the present challenges facing our only habitat. I wish to congratulate Dr. Clark and Grant Cooke for their outstanding work.

Dr. Peter Gevorkian Ph.D., P.E.
CEO/ President, Vector Delta Design Group, Inc.

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