The 2-in-1 Manager: Be a Great Manager – Now!

Speed Read - Instant Tips; Big Picture - Lasting Results


‘This book is packed full of little gems which will help managers at all levels be at their best – a must read.’
Debbie Niven, Director and Co-founder of Momentum Training & Management Consultants

Discover how to Be a Great Manager – Now!

This 2-in-1 guide is designed to help you become a more effective manager in an instant, whilst giving you the deeper knowledge to ensure long-lasting results.

With the unique 2-in-1 approach, you can learn your way. Use the seven Speed Read tips immediately, then take your time exploring the Big Picture chapters.

· Understand how to be a great manager − quickly
· Effectively manage the issues that teams face
· Communicate with confidence and get the right message across
· Encourage your staff for exceptional performance and professional development

As an ambitious manager, you need the right information at the right time to help you advance in your career. The 2-in-1 Manager will ensure you improve and succeed in business, right now and in the future.

‘An excellent book – one every manager should read if they want to succeed.’

Ashley Braganza, Professor of Organisational Transformation and Head of Economics and Finance, Brunel University London

‘Whether you are a millennial in management or embarking on management, you have to read this no nonsense, straight to the point book.’
Coach Chris Browne, Employability Coach

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The landscape of management is constantly changing. Accessibility to so many things provide us with daily distraction, and human wants (and seemingly needs) are as inconstant. While, fundamentally, the truth of the management theories still taught in business schools remain, they need to be modified to address these current climate – at least in their practical application.
This book reminds managers of the foundation theories that they have been taught, while giving them practical application in the context of the dynamic business world.

Pearson's Speed Read approach meets the needs of the learning manager by offering ideas that can be implemented immediately, and nurtures the great manager through a deeper understanding of where those ideas originate, and why they are effective.

"Be a Great Manager - Now" is not a regimented “How To”, but through its ideas, explanations, and insistence on action and reflection the manager is empowered to excellence in an ever demanding world.

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