The Digital Renaissance of Work

Delivering Digital Workplaces Fit for the Future


We are living through a new (second) renaissance – this time it’s digital. ‘The Digital Renaissance of Work: Delivering Digital Workplaces Fit for the Future’ takes the reader on a journey into the emerging technology-led revival of work. Paul Miller’s follow up to his critically acclaimed ‘The Digital Workplace’ picks up the story to provide organizations with an understanding of the structural and organizational implications that emerging technology has for the workplace. His insights, backed by the considerable research of the Digital Workplace Forum, offer a lifeline to organizations needing to make better sense of a very uncertain future.

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Paul Miller has been at the heart of the work and technology revolution for 20 years. He has given many inspirational keynote talks on the digital future of work to senior executives and addressed large employee events at Microsoft, Google and Adobe. Elizabeth Marsh is a writer and researcher with a background in intranet and knowledge management at companies such as Reuters and T-Mobile (UK).

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Format Hard CopyISBN 978-1-4724-3720-4
Place of publication Farnham, UK