The First Line

A Manager's Handbook


A management guide providing a set of innovative tools.

The First Line is a management book that addresses three core concepts:

• Is management the right route for someone to achieve their potential, their
ambitions, and the kind of life they want?
• If so, what practices and models can they apply to manage the situations they
will encounter?

• What practical techniques can be applied, which support achievement of their
potential and the outcomes they sought when taking the role on?

The First Line provides a set of innovative tools, specifically designed to support
a first-level manager cope with situations that few training programmes will
deliver. Self-management is essential for any manager, and this book also provides
techniques and practices that can be applied from day one to stave off problems
and increase personal effectiveness. It promotes being happy in a role that’s right –
whether that’s as a manager, or in another role.

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Additional Information

Edition 2ndFormat Hard CopyISBN 97181911320982
Place of publication London