The Innovation Workout

The 10 Steps That Will Build Your Creativity And Innovation Skills


Take your performance to the next level with our tried-and-tested guide on innovation.

The Innovation Workout has been specially developed to be clear, simple, very easy to follow and highly effective.

Test yourself – Start by finding out your current confidence, knowledge and skills
Follow the 10 Steps – Learn everything you need to know to grasp the basics of great innovation
Take action – Experience 10 situations where you can apply your new-found skills in real life
Face your fears – Take on 10 common innovation challenges to test your skills and find out how to handle them.

This book really works. Start your innovation workout today and begin exercising your full potential.

‘A practical and thought-provoking guide, this book will really help people incorporate innovation into their workplace.’
Fiona Gibson, Investment and Corporate Finance Executive, Leading UK Bank

‘This book is packed full of the secrets you’ll need to take ideas from concepts to fully developed products!’
Alison Paul, New Product Development Manager, Bupa UK

‘Full of no-nonsense practical advice, handy checklists and definitions, this book is written in a refreshingly accessible and jargon-free way.’
David Simoes-Brown, Co-Founder, 100%Open

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Lucy Gower led the first innovation team at the NSPCC, the UK’s largest children’s charity. She now works with many organisations to provide them with the confidence and skills to innovate. The Innovation Workout is a guidebook based on first-hand experience from her work with individuals and organisations.

It has 100% 5 star reviews on Amazon and includes;

‘Best book I've read on Innovation’

‘Now I understand that innovation isn't just a buzzword, it is something all organisations need to think about.’

‘This book is absolutely chocker-block with brilliant tips about innovation. It works a bit like a gateway to a plethora of resources and activities to (literally) get you thinking as well as completely blowing the myth that innovation is a mysterious activity done by people on their own in darkened rooms filled with lava lamps and bean bags. I particularly liked the numerous stories which help to bring innovation to life, as well as the references to contemporary resources like TED talks and on-line tools. This is a book to absorb over time rather than read cover to cover and put on the shelf to gather dust, which is why it it such a great tool. Every aspiring innovator should have one!’

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Imprint Pearson BusinessPlace of publication UK