The Key to Coaching

Learning, Application and Practice


This is a fascinating book about coaching with emphasis on learning, application and practice, as the authors tackle the most profound issues of coaching. The book covers coaching, from definitions and historical aspects to aspects of learning and change in a very pedagogical way, which helps the reader to understand, analyse, explain, learn, apply and practice the essence of coaching as a collaborative process.

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"The book 'The Key to Coaching'. Learning, Application and Practice by Azam Ali and Eric C.K is an timely publication with an extraordinarily focus on the practical, reflective and skill-based approaches to coaching. Currently, the popularity of coaching in management studies (and other disciplines) is unparalleled to other intervention practices. However, despite the importance and centrality of coaching, most texts fail to provide enough context and holism to the actual application of coaching. This book excels in its capacity to bringing together coaching philosophies and a profound understanding of the needs of practitioners, students and managers -from within. This book is clearly written, with a refreshing visual approach. It is also enthusiastically written and engaging, reflecting powerful coaching styles from the authors. Above all, this book is treasure trove of genuine gems of practical exercises, try-on examples, hand-outs from where to device ways of unlocking one's potential and of devising coaching solutions."

Dr Angels Trias-i-Valls

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Edition 1stFormat Hard CopyISBN 978-1-326-54584-0
Place of publication North Carolina, USA