The Little Black Book of Change

The 7 fundamental shifts for change management that delivers


All too often, change efforts fail to deliver on their promise. However it is possible to turn an organization around quickly to create a new future — one where people think and behave differently and deliver extraordinary results together. Whether you are the chairman, a board director or an aspiring senior executive, The Little Black Book of Change provides a practical, concise and insightful guide to understanding your organization and inventing something extraordinary.

It is not about ‘run of the mill’ change programmes. It is about delivering extraordinary results — something that is not at all predictable. It will be your insight into creating significant shifts in the way people think and behave which can be applied in any area you wish; from improving service levels to cost reductions, innovation or increasing market share.

Demystifies organisational transformation in 7 practical steps
Based on real business case studies
Grounded and accessible, rather than purely from theoretical models or processes
The authors have 25 years’ experience of implementing and facilitating transformations change
Visit http://www.littleblackbookofchange.com/

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Format Hard CopyISBN 9781119209317
Place of publication UK