The Presentation Book 2nd Edition

How to create, shape and deliver it!


‘Brilliant tips and strategies for not only developing an effective presentation but also how to successfully deliver a message to an audience. Every professional should read this no matter what stage of their career they’re at.’
Tiffany Poeppelman, organisational psychologist, speaker, business consultant

Have you ever watched a TED talk and wondered what their secret is, or a business leader influence with impact and wished you could emulate it?

Now you can!
The second edition of this #1 bestseller will show you the presentation techniques and insider secrets used by expert speakers globally. Having presented to over three million people for MTV and the BBC, Emma Ledden shares the method, mindset and mastery she has learned to empower you to present like a pro.

• Plan and prepare properly – learn how to inform, inspire and entertain through a proven three-step visual approach.
• Profile your audience – quickly understand what your audience needs and how to banish your nerves.
• Shape your message – transform your raw data into three cleverly crafted points.
• Design your slides – get the right visuals in the right place, at the right time.

Make your next presentation the best you’ve ever done.

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Additional Information

“The Presentation book 2nd edition features a methodology called Audience Focused Presenting. This methodology was designed with mangers, for managers. When applied it gives real results in real time”

Specific highlights on how the author’s background has supported the content:

This book is 20 years of professional presenting experience in one place.

Emma began her career as a TV Presenter at 17 years old which involved working for 10 years in front of a camera for RTE in Ireland and then MTV and the BBC in the UK. Emma also worked as a producer during this time which gave her a unique insight into the planning, production and presentation of a TV show.

Stepping behind the camera Emma then started her own business training people in media and presentation skills working with business leaders globally to help them deliver their messages and have impact.

As a direct result of working with new managers and leaders Emma developed a 3-step methodology, with managers, for managers, called Audience Focused Presenting. This methodology is designed to address the very real need new managers have in business today to presenting at a very high standard (Ted Talk standard) right out the gate.

Audience Focused Presenting is also rooted in the techniques and strategies Emma learned while working as a media professional. For the past 10 years in her role as a presentation skills consultant, she has worked with managers and leaders from the world’s top companies such as –Apple, Bank of America, Accenture, Deloitte, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Johnson and Johnson, BNP Paribas, Pfizer and many more. Emma has also worked with many professionals helping them prepare for TedTalks, Dragons Den and other TV appearances. Emma continues to contribute to the media regularly on the subject of presentation and public speaking.

Specific USP's for readers:

There are many presentation books out there. What makes The Presentation Book 2nd edition unique?

1. The Audience Focused Presenting methodology is based on professional media insights, techniques and strategies that are proven to work and are used by the best presenters in the business
2. The Audience Focused 3 step methodology was awarded an Irish Institute of Training and Development award in 2013
3. The methodology is not theory or concept based. It is practical and effective, designed with managers, for managers. When applied it gives immediate results in real time.

Short summary of positive reviews received:

Spin Book Review:
“I’m impressed by how much there is in this short, £12.99 book.
Up to now, I’d viewed Stephen Bayley and Roger Mavity’s Life’s a Pitch as my favourite source for advanced business presentation advice. But I acknowledge that for time-poor business executives who may be reluctant to read a longer text, this new book contains all they need to know.
I’ll be using it next time I try to coach a class of students to get beyond the amateurish presenter phase”

Irish tech News Book review:
“I found the book an enjoyable read. It has a lot of help for newbies in how to speak well in front of others. Then for those of us who have been doing it for a long time it still makes you reflect on what you might have done better”

Current Amazon reviews sample:

By Kindle Customer on 15 Oct. 2013
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase – 5 stars
I was a little sceptical about this book. Luckily, once I started reading it - I realised how very easy to read it is. I was surprised as there is a lot of very useful information in it but it isn't hard work to take in. I will definitely be keeping a copy on my desk to refer to. I see the tips on audience profiling and the 3x3 rule as being incredibly useful tools that I'll refer back to every time I present. I'd suggest any manager gets a copy to refer to when presenting

By Claire on 7 Feb. 2017
Format: Paperback- 5 stars
An amazingly informative but also concise guide! It's genuinely hard to find a helpful book on 'presenting' but this one gives you all the skills you need, be it for a job in media or just one that needs you to do a presentation now and then. I would definitely recommend it - it's worked wonders for this new graduate taking on the world of work!

By David Nixon on 7 Feb. 2017
Format: Paperback- 5 stars
The Presentation Book 2.0 is a simple and super-effective power tool for any sales professional to learn a systematic and proven way to present and help customers and colleagues understand key messages to make great decisions.

By jw on 9 Nov. 2013
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase- 5 stars
This book should be essential part of your reference library. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and have learnt so much. I think it should be a textbook for schools to help our kids get it right first time round.

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars
By Badeske on 6 Sept. 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase- 5 stars
Brilliant advice for novice presenters. Well-structured and simple, clear and straightforward language and action

In May 2017 The Presentation Book 2nd edition will be a WH Smith Top Ten chart holder. The first edition was named “WH Smith Book of the Month – October 2013″.

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Additional Information

Edition 2Format Hard CopyISBN 9781292171982
Imprint Pearson BusinessPlace of publication Harlow, UK