The Smart Solution Book

68 Tools for Brainstorming, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making


“There isn’t a single individual or organisation that could fail to benefit from the many practical approaches to problem solving in this book. Everyone should read it!”
Andrew Hilton, Managing Director, Corporate Training Partnerships Ltd

“F. Durrenmatt says “What concerns everyone, can only be solved by everyone”, and David’s book is the practical guide to getting everyone fully engaged with a creative technique to solve any of your challenges.”
Peter Schwanhausser, Partner, Papilio ag, Zurich


As working life becomes more complex, we are increasingly faced with problems which may at first seem insoluble. The Smart Solution Book is your guide to solving these problems, whatever their size.

The Smart Solution Book explains each tool in detail – what it is, when and how to use it, its strengths and its limitations. The tools range from quick fixes, which can be used by someone working alone, to large scale solutions which can be used by groups of 100 and more. You can also use the tools separately or in combination with each other.

• Frame problems so they can be solved
• Find a solution to even the most intractable problem
• Enjoy the process of problem solving, whether alone or in collaboration with others
• Become more creative in your thinking so that, over time, solutions begin to present themselves

The Smart Solution Book will change your way of thinking about business problems: apply the techniques and see the solutions unfold.

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The Smart Solution book will help you to solve any business problem. It's the only book in the marketplace which features problem solving and decision making techniques at every level, from those that you can use working alone to collaborative techniques which allow thousands to work on a problem simultaneously. It is an invaluable tool for businesses, facilitators and anyone who wants an accessible guide to both tried and tested techniques and innovative ideas which take the imagination to new levels.

As a training consultant, I have worked in around 45 countries delivering business-related training. I've used the methods in the books extensively in facilitating meetings with clients, which include the European Commission and European Parliament.

All Amazon reviews are 5-stars and include the following:
‘The Smart Solution Book is a gem’
‘...both highly accessible yet extraordinarily rich in content.’
‘...very readable and the format makes it remarkably easy to use. Great content and excellent value for money. I will use it with teaching staff and students alike!’
‘Cotton's ideas for techniques that can be used by large groups are really useful and clearly presented, and his thoughts on framing problems particularly useful’
‘I also love the no-nonsense approach: the author doesn't hesitate to share his earnest opinion that this or that aspect of a widely-accepted and used technique isn't suitable everywhere, or downright silly’
‘Cotton's vast experience shines through in the 'points to watch out for' section of each tool: he warns of pitfalls and common traps to avoid, that will help you get maximum value from the tool’

As at the end of April, the book has been in the WH Smith business book charts since the beginning of December (19 weeks to date).

At the time of writing it is 100,118 of 1.8 million titles in Amazon's book lists.

One of his earlier books, Managing Difficult People in a Week, was rated at 5 stars by all its reviewers and remains in the top selling Amazon books in three different categories, three years after publication. An earlier book, Successful Meetings, is available in English, Chinese and Portuguese editions.

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