Think Like an Innovator

76 Inspiring Business Lessons from the World's Greatest Thinkers and Innovators



What would Steve Jobs do? How to work like Marie Curie, Thomas Edison and 75 more entertaining lessons from the minds of great leaders, innovators and business people, that you can put into practice.

In bite-size, quick-to-read sections for each innovator, discover:

• The challenge– the issue they faced and why it was a problem
• The innovation – the solution they proposed and how it worked
• Lessons for you – practical insights for you to apply their innovation

Be inspired to think and act differently so you can improve your ingenuity, innovation and be a success.

‘Invaluable tips on how to change your mindset and see great innovation opportunities.’

Professor Moira Clark, Director of the Henley Centre for Customer Management, Henley Business School

“‘Inspiration is a crucial innovation ingredient, and Paul Sloane has gathered a great collection of inspiration for every practitioner to learn from.” Braden Kelley, Bestselling Author of Charting Change and Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire, And Co-Founder Of Innovationexcellence.Com

“Sloane proves that powerful innovation is in all of us. This book is a road map for finding it.”
Bill Penn, Founder, Aspectus PR

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Paul Sloane is rated third on the Klout list of experts on innovation – above Harvard Business Review!

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He has 40,000 followers on Twitter and a Klout score of 80.

The book has been featured on many sites and papers including

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Pearson have sold the Chinese rights to the book.

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Imprint Pearson BusinessPlace of publication United Kingdom