Time Mastery

Banish Time Management Forever


Move beyond Time Management and become a Time Master. Have you tried the latest time management techniques and still feel overwhelmed? Are you fed up with having to ‘think’ about prioritising, decision making and squeezing things in? Do you wish life would just flow better? Then this is the book for you. This book will allow you to master your own time and not be controlled by other people’s priorities.Understand how your own preferences, style and interests impact how you use your time and be able to: – Incorporate simple changes in your day to day activities that give you back control. – Learn how other people see time and how you can use that to help them become more efficient and effective. – Make the most of your time for the things that are important to you. Whether you want to get more done at work, delegate better, manage the priorities at home or just spend more time doing things that bring you joy, Karen and John will help you develop an approach to time that is efficient and fits with your unique personality.

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Edition 1stFormat Hard CopyISBN 978-1784520991
Place of publication United Kingdom