Transformative Innovation

A Guide to Practice and Policy


This is a book for planners, policy-makers, project managers and team leaders working anywhere outside the commercial sector. It’s a guide to visioning, planning, funding, starting, running, sustaining and reporting on an effective innovation initiative.

This book offers a first stand-alone practical guide to how to realise transformative potential at scale. It offers six elements for policymakers, funders and innovators:

* Knowing: how to expand our sense of what constitutes valid knowledge to become more comfortable with complexity.

* Imagining: how to conceive, develop and design transformative initiatives to carry a group’s longer term aspirations.

* Being: how to organise for action, manage the process, and sustain the people involved over time.

* Doing: how to introduce the new in the presence of the old, enrol others and figure out what to do when you don’t know what to do.

*Enabling: how to construct a policy framework for long term transition and provide smart financing to match.

* Supporting: how to develop systems and structures to support a culture of renewal in our public, social and civic systems.

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Additional Information

Edition FirstFormat Hard CopyISBN 978-1-911193-00-5
Place of publication Axminster, Devon