Discover It, Use It and Get What You Want


2017 has only just begun but for those whose well-intended New Year resolutions are starting to wane already, Willpower: Discover It, Use It and Get What You Want is the handbook they need to get motivation for success in all areas of life.

Researchers have found that willpower is a better predictor of life and work success than IQ. Regardless of what they want to achieve – be it a new habit, a desire to win, a promotion at work and so on – author Ros Taylor helps readers find the strength to persevere, forge ahead and keep going no matter how tough it gets.

In her book, Taylor, an expert psychologist and executive coach, offers proven techniques for everyone who wants to be successful in life and work. Containing questionnaires and checklists to help the reader gauge how much willpower they have, how they utilise goals and whether they are an optimist or a pessimist. It also contains inspirational case studies from people in all walks of life, including:
• Judy Murray talking about her sons’ willpower to become winners, and her own to continue to coach women’s tennis with few resources
• Jamie Andrew, quadruple amputee, talking about challenges such as the London Marathon and climbing Kilimanjaro
• Dame Stella Rimmington, former Director General of MI5, discusses confidence and its place in getting to the top
• Abby, a social phobic who had to be schooled at home, talks about how willpower helped her get her life back and what it was that got her out of the house

Divided into five parts, Taylor explores:
• The Essence of Willpower – a review of the latest thinking to help the reader achieve willpower
• Goals and Visions – to help the reader work on the steps to achieving their goals
• New Habits for Old – outlines how habits are established and how bad ones can be changed and replaced with better versions, as well as help in establishing some good generic habits
• The Willpower Mindset – This part explores easy steps to achieve a positive mindset, remain cool in a crisis, and achieve the same mental strength of winners like Wimbledon tennis players and Olympic rowers
• Willpower and Work – Presenting the three S’s of Willpower at Work: Self-Awareness, Skills and Self-Preservation to help readers cope with the stresses of work caused by more demands and fewer resources.

Based on techniques which are proven to work, Taylor encourages readers to take up their own Willpower Challenge: “Willpower is the very heartbeat of a successful, engaged and fulfilling life,” she says. “It’s not down to an accident of birth but a series of learnable skills you can put into practice immediately with the help of this book. Simply choose which skills relate to you. There is a Three Week rule. Try a new skill every day for three weeks to establish it then repeat for nine to turn it into a habit.”

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