Management and Leadership Textbook



This new EMEA edition of Richard L. Daft’s market-leading text Management includes all of the hallmark features that make the text popular with students but they have been fully updated for European, Middle Eastern and African students. Alan Benson (University of Exeter, UK) brings a new perspective on the ever-changing world of Management to provide a complete introduction to the key theories and industry issues.

A Drucker Miscellany

A Drucker Miscellany

A Drucker Miscellany is the third volume of a trilogy of Peter Drucker-related research. Included are a “dramatis personae” of the 110 influences Drucker considered in shaping his ideas, and 180-plus citations and quotations of and about Drucker.

Leadership paradoxes

Leadership Paradoxes

Leadership remains one of the most sought-after qualities in contemporary society, yet after centuries of research, education and debate it remains just as elusive as ever. Leadership Paradoxes: Rethinking Leadership for an Uncertain World argues that the key to understanding and enhancing leadership education, theory and practice lies in the recognition of its paradoxical tendencies.


The Key to Coaching

This is a fascinating book about coaching with emphasis on learning, application and practice, as the authors tackle the most profound issues of coaching. The book covers coaching, from definitions and historical aspects to aspects of learning and change in a very pedagogical way, which helps the reader to understand, analyse, explain, learn, apply and practice the essence of coaching as a collaborative process.


Inclusive Leadership

This insightful management book introduces an inspirational new ethics-oriented approach to business and leadership for current and future leaders. It argues that the challenges of today’s global era require a new, more holistic and ethical leadership approach than conventional concepts suggest. A framework for the concept of “inclusive leadership” is developed by linking leadership challenges and tasks to the transforming world.