Management and Leadership Textbook


IT Governance

Faced with constant and fast-evolving threats to information security and with a growing exposure to cyber risk, managers at all levels and in organizations of all sizes need a robust IT governance system. Now in its sixth edition, the bestselling IT Governance, 6th edition, provides best-practice guidance for companies looking to protect and enhance their information security management systems and protect themselves against cyber threats.


Becoming the best Executive Manager beyond digital age

Executive Managers are continuously under pressure because they are expected to be always updated and more knowledgeable. This book firstly answered the question on who is this executive officer and their role in the company. The new aspect of business intelligence which plays a major role in strategic decision making process is put into perspective. This concept is also discussed in relation to global trends. 


Understanding Social Enterprise

The emergence of social enterprises over the past 35 years has been an exciting and significant development in the economy at a local, national and international level. How should we understand the growing popularity of social enterprise and the wider social economy? Are alternative business models even more relevant in an uncertain business climate? Do they provide a robust response to periods of state ‘austerity’? How do social enterprises contribute to global initiatives to improve the sustainability and responsibility of the business community?


Change Management

New edition of a classic textbook in change management: a lucid and engaging guide for readers through the technological, organizational and people-oriented strategies that managers use to implement change.