Management Futures


Loving Leadership

In his first business book reflecting nearly 20 years of corporate experience as an influential HR practitioner, Richard Summerfield makes the compelling case for leaders to show genuine care for people above all else, illustrating it through eight key techniques.


360 Degree Feedback

Elva R Ainsworth is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading practitioners and trainers in the field of 360 degree feedback. 360 Degree Feedback: A Transformational Approach reveals unique and powerful methodologies creatively illustrated with real examples of what is possible.


The Liquid Enterprise

As the world’s most venerable corporations scramble to keep up with an ever-faster, ever more chaotic market, a profound paradox is emerging at the heart of business strategy. Information – that touchstone of understanding, decision and action – has begun to attack confidence, competitive advantage and growth.


The 100-Year Life

Drawing on the unique pairing of their experience in psychology and economics, the authors offer broad-ranging analysis as well as a raft of solutions, showing how people can rethink their finances, education, careers and relationships in order to create a fulfilling 100-year life. At the same time, the book offers strategic insights to governments, politicians and businesses, for whom the impact of longevity also has challenging and far-reaching implications.


The Stupidity Paradox

Functional stupidity can be catastrophic. It can cause organisational collapse, financial meltdown and technical disaster. And there are countless, more everyday examples of organisations accepting the dubious, the absurd and the downright idiotic, from unsustainable management fads to the cult of leadership or an over-reliance on brand and image. And yet a dose of stupidity can be useful and produce good, short-term results: it can nurture harmony, encourage people to get on with the job and drive success.