New Manager

This is a new category. The prize will be awarded to the entry that, in the opinion of the judges, would be most useful to a newly appointed manager within the first two years of their appointment in accelerating their skills development.



Utter Confidence

Do you ever feel frustrated, anxious or ineffective when communicating with others at work? Miscommunications lead to wasted time, productivity losses and in some cases upset and anger. It really does not need to be that way. Sharing the secrets of Behaviour Analysis, (the study of what we say and how we say it), Ally Yates draws on extensive academic research and over 30 years of corporate experience. 


How to be an Even Better Manager

If you are a current manager, or aspiring to a management position, this is your invaluable guide to the skills and techniques you need to succeed. Michael Armstrong’s best-selling handbook provides in-depth coverage and practical guidance on improving the three crucial areas of management:

– Managing people
– Managing activities and processes
– Managing and developing yourself