Practical Manager


The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves: Leadership the Antarctic Way

How can we improve leadership in the future? By studying the actions of effective leaders of the past. During the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration (1897-1922) sixteen international expeditions descended on the frozen Southern Continent, each led by a bold commander responsible for the success of his mission and the lives of his crew. 


Capitalizing on Creativity at Work

How does one implement highly creative ideas in the workplace? Though creativity fuels modern businesses and organizations, capitalizing on creativity is still a relatively unchartered territory. The crux of this issue is explored as contributors present and analyze remedies for capitalizing on highly creative ideas.


The Purpose Effect

Pontefract combines years of experience and research on employee engagement to create a work about the three crucial areas of purpose: individual, workplace role, and organizational. When one area is lacking, this three-legged barstool starts to wobble, and the results range from disengagement to bankruptcy.


Mastering Coaching

Coaching is one of the most sought-after leadership skills – vital for anyone who wants to develop a team of people who will perform effectively, but are also motivated and relish working together. It’s also a dynamic discipline which, in recent years, has developed and grown to embrace theory and practice from a wide range of other disciplines, frameworks and models.

Mastering Coaching starts by asking what skills an effective coach must now


The Greats on Leadership

You don’t need a big title or a business degree in order to lead with impact. What you need is practical wisdom: the insight, judgment, and strength of character that all great leaders have, but that most business schools and corporate workshops don’t teach. The Greats on Leadership gets you there.