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The People Formula

Who doesn’t want and need their business to be as successful as possible?

This book will provide the key to success for organisations large and small; enabling them to have the right people, in the right roles, delivering innovations and working to their full potential in a happy and inspired way.

The incredible transformation of Gregory Todd

The Incredible Transformation of Gregory Todd

The art of implementing change is not as clear-cut as most textbooks suggest. This is partly because every organisation is already full of complex and competing priorities, personalities and processes.

Gregory is a good leader of a business that makes stylish sofas. Now he needs to do something radical, without rocking the boat. But his current management team did not deliver on their last set of promises, and a team leader with an axe to grind is starting to stir up trouble on the shop floor…


Winning the Brain Game

Science confirms the distinction between the biological brain and the conscious mind. Each day, a game of mind versus matter plays out on a field defined by the problems we must solve. Most are routine, and don’t demand a more mindful approach. It’s when we’re faced with more difficult challenges that our thinking becomes vulnerable to brain patterns that can lead us astray.

We leap to solutions that simply don’t work. We fixate on old mindsets that keep us stuck in neutral. We overthink problems and make them worse. We kill the ideas of others, as well as our own. Worse, we keep doing these things, over and over again, naturally and instinctively.


Mapping Motivation

Ever wondered what motivation is, and why organizations do not and cannot – until now – measure it? James Sale tackles the question of what motivation is, why we need it and what happens when we don’t have it. He defines and measures motivation from an individual, team and, most critically, organizational or workplace point of view and he introduces the reader to the core concepts of how it relates to fundamental issues such as performance and productivity, and its role in a number of key management functions: team building, performance appraisal, leadership development, engagement and change management.


Excellence through Mind-Brain Development

Everyone seeks to attain excellence and happiness in their lives, yet world-class performance is rare. Research shows that education accounts for only 1 per cent of performance levels, work experience only 3 per cent, and age in adults 0 per cent. Dr Harald S. Harung and Dr Frederick Travis looked deeply and unearthed the secret of world-class performance: Excellence in any profession or activity depends on the single variable of high mind-brain development.