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Fighting Fraud and Corruption in the Humanitarian and Global Development Sector

There are an estimated 40,000 international Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), working in an enormous global aid industry; official development assistance alone reached £90bn in 2014. This is supplemented by huge voluntary giving – the UK public, for example, give around £1bn a year to overseas causes.

These organisations face a unique challenge from fraud and corruption. Operating in the world’s most under-developed and fragile environments, with minimal infrastructure and trust-based cultures, the risk is high. And, being wholly reliant on donors and supporters for income, so are the stakes.


Strengths-Based Recruitment and Development

Strengths-Based Recruitment and Development explains how and why strengths-based recruitment (SBR) is having a transformational impact on performance in top companies like Saga, Gap, Starbucks and SABMiller. By shifting the focus from what people can do (competency-based recruitment) to what they naturally enjoy doing, or SBR, these companies have reported results which include a 50% drop in staff turnover, 20% increase in productivity and a 12% increase in customer satisfaction within a matter of months. It is no wonder that organizations in many sectors are adopting this new and powerful approach to improve performance, customer satisfaction and competitive edge.


Disciplined Collaboration

Ever wondered why your divisions are divided? Ever found yourself using the word silo when explaining sub optimal results? Ever dreamt of having an organisation that has both the efficiency of competition and the effectiveness of collaboration? If you’re tired of adding dotted lines on charts and hugging trees or colleagues on an away-day, disciplined collaboration is for you.


Networking Know-How

The second book in the Urbane business essentials list, Networking Know-How gives everyone the foundation they need to become a brilliant networker! Being excellent at networking is the essential skill for personal and career success, whether going after a dream job, branching out and starting a business or simply to meet new people. With a clear and practical goal-oriented approach, the book will show you how to become an amazing networker.


Effective Brand Leadership

How do you create, scale-up and evolve a world-class food service brand? How do you revive a brand that is faced with (seemingly) terminal decline? Packed with real-life Case Studies and key insights from the founders and leaders of some of the most dynamic and established food service brands (Giggling Squid, Cabana, Miller & Carter, Burger & Lobster, Hache, Drake & Morgan, Giraffe, Byron, Premium Country Dining Group, Domino’s Pizza, YO! Sushi, TGI Friday’s, Pizza Hut, Toby Carveries etc.), this book is essential reading for aspiring or ambitious food service leaders.