Practical Manager

This prize will be awarded to the entry that, in the opinion of the judges, offers the best practical insights or guidance to help practising managers in their work or professional development.



Management in the Wonderland of Economics

This book provides an overall general framework within which the subject of Management can be considered within the context of how it is affected by the concepts and theories of Economics. The political interpretation and application of Economics affects all members of society, but especially affects the practice of management in all environments. This book provides new managers with a fundamental insight into the theory of management 

Retail Area Managment

Retail Area Management

Calling all Area Managers, Operations Managers and Multi-Unit Managers! Tired of reading tedious, long-winded books in order to glean a few miserable insights? This book is the answer. Based entirely upon key strategic and local MODELS that help illuminate and explain the world of Retail Management, this book acts as a quick and easy reference guide to improve multi-site manager performance. With 75 key MODELS grouped around four key themes 


The Human Way

In this counter-intuitive book for managers, the author argues that no one is perfect and that success as a leader is not about being perfect and always doing the right thing; it is about accepting your own humanity and adopting a number of down-to-earth attitudes and values. That’s when we achieve true (adequate) success.
Through ten commandments – starting with “Be humble – as a manager, you are also an employee” – 


Super Structured

Information overload, a full mailbox, too many balls in the air, on the bounce, heavy workload. There are many ways to describe the chaotic life some of us live in and work. But if we get a better structure for how we work, we get even more time for what is important, for ourselves and for our business.
Done! Be super structured in 31 days is a training programme for those who want to create a smoother day at work.


How to Coach Your Team

The best teams buzz with energy and produce outstanding results.

But how do you create a top performing team?

The answer? Team coaching.

In your role as ‘manager as coach’, you can not only unlock the innate strengths of your people, but also help them to help each other.

This highly practical book gives you the clear steps and advice you need to enhance your team through coaching.