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We Have a Deal

Negotiation is the most important skill you can develop to get what you want in business and life. But it’s not easy, and we often struggle to do it effectively. We Have a Deal will tackle your fears and bad habits, giving you the knowledge, skills and insight you need to be the best negotiator you can be.



What does it take to lead a team to world-class success over a sustained period of time?

Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the few leaders who truly knows. In his 38 years in management, Sir Alex won an astonishing 49 trophies and helped grow Manchester United into one of the biggest commercial brands in the world.

In this inspirational and straight-talking new book, Sir Alex reveals the secrets behind his record-breaking career.


The Inspiration Code

* Motivation truths for today’s workplace * The science of what drives us and the art of harnessing it * Find the real reasons why your people work * Be a truly inspirational leader * Get the best out of each and every one of your staff * Commit your team to a powerful cause


Sales Mind

We’re all selling something every day, whether at work or closer to home. But with advanced technology and mass competition, it’s never been harder to capture people’s attention. That’s why we need to develop our sales mind: mastering our innate selling skills will help us cut through the noise in any situation.


A Buzz in the Building

Does your business buzz? Is it functioning smoothly and organically like a beehive? This engaging and inspirational book will help you create an organisation clients want to work with and employees want to join and stay part of. In A Buzz in the Building, Kate Mercer reveals the mindsets and skills required to build and develop a truly great organisation.