The Commuter’s Read

This prize will be awarded to the entry that, in the opinion of the judges, will best serve commuters and retain their attention during a journey to work by inspiring them, informing them about and engaging them with a management and leadership topic.




Since its publication in 2007, Yes! has shown how small changes can make a big difference to everyone’s powers of persuasion – both at work and at home.

Every day, we face the challenge of persuading others to do what we want. But what makes people say ‘yes’ to our requests? Based on decades of research into the psychology of persuasion, this book reveals many remarkable insights that will help you be more persuasive both at work 


Create Special

This book is for anyone who wants to leave a dent in the world.

Jim Duffy has helped thousands of people realise their dreams in business with his start-up accelerator Entrepreneurial Spark. In his first book, he’s here to help readers do the same. Create Special reveals the secret sauce of successful entrepreneuring® – showing readers exactly what it takes to train for success as an entrepreneur and in life.

Behavioural Economics_9780198754992

Behavioural Economics

Traditionally economists have based their economic predictions on the assumption that humans are super-rational creatures, using the information we are given efficiently and generally making selfish decisions that work well for us as individuals. Economists also assume that we’re doing the very best we can possibly do – not only for today, but over our whole lifetimes too. 


You Can Choose Your Friends…

What do the very best communicators do to get on with anyone? What skills do they possess that allows them to win over everyone they meet?

“You can choose your friends…” provides the answer. This book enables people to work together better, collaborate more effectively, function more successfully – all of which leads to improved performance. It’s about turning relationships into results.


Be A People Leader

Too many leadership books are based on theory from consultants and academics rather than those who are on the ground doing the job day in, day out. It’s time a multi-award winning HR leader talked to peers (and aspiring peers) in an experiential, practical and knowledgeable way; minimising theory and instead bringing in humour, originality, anecdotal information and business acumen to help them achieve their leadership potential.