Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Awarded to the entry that, in the opinion of the judges will inspire innovation, encourage business or product development or support organisational development and adaptability.

Mikolaj Jan Piskorski
Princeton University Press

What makes social media so different from traditional media? Answering that question is the key to making social media work for any business, argues... More

Ard-Pieter de Man

Strategic alliances are increasingly common among modern corporations and a hot topic in today's business schools. Alliance is a sophisticated guide to... More

Larry Downes and Paul Nunes

It used to take years for new products and services to dethrone industry leaders. Now any business can be instantly devastated by something better and... More

Cristina Bianchi and Maureen Steele
Palgrave Macmillan

Making innovation in the workplace highly accessible, Coaching for Innovation presents a practical step-by-step guide to coaching. Full of models, tips,... More

Linda A. Hill, Greg Brandeau, Emily Truelove, and Kent Lineback
Harvard Business Review Press

Unleashing the collective genius in your organization. What is the relationship between leadership and innovation? How can some companies innovate again... More

Marion Debruyne
Kogan Page

A new set of organisations have discovered a new formula. They combine customer centricity with innovative power. These organisations have created a... More

Martin Hill-Wilson, Carolyn Blunt

Social Customer Service is new. Social Media is the biggest thing happening to the customer service industry since the mid 1960s when modern day call... More

Louise Walker
Rethink Press

Growing a successful company is hard work. When it reaches milestone stages it can be challenging to see the changes needed to keep growth on track. This... More

Lena Ramfelt, Jonas Kjellberg, Tom Kosnik

Big, bright and brilliant, Gear Up is an engaging and practical workbook for anyone looking to pursue a fresh business opportunity or grow an existing one... More

Pia Webb
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

The NEW revolutionary self-help book Why? Listen to the video at About the book: This self-coaching... More

Kim Chandler McDonald
Kogan Page

Any organisation looking to succeed in the global digital economy of today - and tomorrow - must innovate. Innovation introduces the global pioneers whose... More

Jean-Philippe Deschamps, Beebe Nelson

Innovation governance is a hot topic in the business world. In a fast-paced business environment, the ability of corporate leaders to build purpose,... More

Tony Buzan

The Mind Map is the most effective business tool of our time. It will revolutionise every aspect of your performance forever. In Mind Maps for Business,... More

Paul Burns
Palgrave Macmillan

Written by Paul Burns, 'New Venture Creation' is both inspirational and practical, and will equip budding entrepreneurs with all the tools they need to... More

Joel Gurin
McGraw-Hill Education

Open Data is open for business so how can companies harness the next great wave of the information age? Anyone who’s ever booked a flight online, used a... More

Marianne Page
Rethink Press

Business is all about relationships. Forget B2B and B2C, business is all about P2P. It is those strong, trusted relationships – with your customers, your... More

Nick Udall
Kogan Page

Riding the Creative Rollercoaster is a pioneering new work that turns our understanding of leadership and innovation on its head. Innovation is the holy... More

Robert I. Sutton / Huggy Rao
Penguin Random House

Scaling up excellence is the key to creating a great organisation. It’s how a small enterprise expands without losing focus. It’s how a brilliant new idea... More

Jamal Edwards
Ebury Publishing

So you want to know how Jamal Edwards beat the system and made it big in business his own way? Self Belief: The Vision will show you how. At the age of 15... More

David Cushman
Palgrave Macmillan

The revolutionary power of the internet has accelerated the demand for a totally new kind of business. Stakeholders now demand more open, connected and... More

Nicholas Lovell

For most of the last century, companies strived to sell more of the same products at the same prices. But the future is about variation: tailoring products... More

Scott D. Anthony
Harvard Business Review Press

“The first mile”—that critical time when an idea moves from concept to paper to market, the real world, where it will fly or fail, and maybe take a company... More

Charles Leadbeater
Palgrave Macmillan

Frugal innovation is a powerful new model for creating solutions for a world struggling with rapid population growth, exploding demand from consumers on... More

Max Mckeown

The Innovation Book is your roadmap to creating powerful innovations that deliver success in a competitive world. It answers the following questions:

... More
Randall Stross

Twice a year, in the heart of Silicon Valley, a small investment firm called Y Combinator selects an elite group of young entrepreneurs. Months of intense... More

Christian Conrad and Marjorie Ellis Thompson
Ashgate Publishing Company Ltd

The core idea of The New Brand Spirit is to let stakeholders do the talking. Conrad and Thompson have interviewed close to 100 leading practitioners from... More

Greg Orme

Def: Spark (n) - an elusive moment when a new idea strikes that has the potential to transform the way you do business. Big or small, new ideas are the... More

Peter Andrews and Fiona Wood
Palgrave Macmillan

Überpreneurs are entrepreneurs who do more than just build businesses or even entire industries; they drive economic, social and environmental changes on a... More

Phil Driver
Ashgate Publishing Company Ltd

Validating Strategies guides organisations to develop, validate and implement their strategies. Instead of failed strategies and endless projects that don’... More

Beatrice E. Avolio Alecchi and Mirjana Radović-Marković
Ashgate Publishing Company Ltd

Women and Entrepreneurship comes from two authors with especially rich experience in this field of research. Beatrice Avolio and Mirjana Radović-Marković... More