Angela Owen


Angela Owen

Angela Owen was born in the Isle of Man and is intensely proud of her Manx heritage.  Commissioned into the British Army in 1976, she served in the UK, Germany and had tours in Northern Ireland during the ‘Troubles’.

She competed in the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane in the 100m and 200m sprints, setting the Army 200m record in 1982. She had eight years out of the Army to raise her children in line with the policy in force at the time, re-joining in 1992 when the rules allowing mothers to serve changed. Her last Army tour was as Chief G1 (Head of HR) for the Army in Northern Ireland during the reduction in troop numbers from 12000 to 5000 soldiers at the end of the Army’s operations there.

In 2008, Angela joined PA Consulting Group as a Defence expert, focusing on people transformation. She has worked with defence industry, the MOD and other agencies and has recently returned from two years as a Senior Civil Servant as Head of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation People Team.

Angela has always been passionate about helping women progress and founded Women in Defence UK in 2011, when she realised that despite the thousands of women working at all levels of UK defence, women seemed to be ‘thinly spread‘. All too often, Angela was one of two or three women at defence conferences or gatherings. She formed the group to provide a platform for networking, discussion and the exchanging of ideas and experiences for women across the defence enterprise. The inaugural Women in Defence Awards were held in October attracting over 200 entries from across the Armed Forces, MOD, defence industry and the defence 3rd sector.

Angela is a member of the CMI Women’s Committee, is a judge for the CMI Book of the Year and is regularly asked to speak on diversity and inclusion.  An exceptionally proud mother of a son and daughter who have long since flown the roost, she fully expects to be a grandmother before long!