Innovation and Entrepreneurship

RuthSacks bio 5Apr15

Dr Ruth Sacks FIC

Principal Consultant at Boardroom Focus Ltd, Ruth works on a range of strategic change assignments, leadership development, one to one support and diversity related projects. Ruth is also exploring ways of addressing the challenges of the multi-generational organisation.


Paul Mylrea CMgr FCMI

Paul is Director of Communications at the University of Cambridge, where he is responsible for managing the University’s global reputation. He has worked at a senior level in government, public sector bodies and the not-for-profit sector for more than a decade, with major communications leadership roles at Oxfam, Transport for London, the Department for International Development and the BBC.


Quentin Kopp MCMI

Quentin has a mixed family background with a Russian Father and an English Mother. They have given him a very international outlook and a passion for innovation and improvement in businesses. Quentin’s varied career has included leading major subsidiaries of a FTSE 100 company, which became noted for their innovation. He built teams, which produced excellent results for customers, that enabled them to grow their market share and in consequence rapidly grew the sales and profitability of the companies he was responsible for.

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